Jeff, Phil, Randy, and Todd, NRG Teachers

"Recruiting and retaining volunteers has been much easier with the NRG Gender-Specific Curriculum. Women seem to enjoy the creativity and the opportunities it gives girls to develop skills and apply Scripture. Men are drawn to this curriculum because they see it can make a significant difference in some boys' lives, and they themselves enjoy all the active learning."

Rhonda, Kids Ministry Director

Camaraderie and Teamwork

"An unexpected benefit has been the camaraderie that has developed among the men who teach NRG. The way the sessions are designed, we can divide up responsiblities and use our different strengths and skills as a team. It seems like the men have as much fun as the boys."

Jeff, 2nd Year Teacher

Long-Term Impact

"I really enjoy seeing how much the girls retain. Often they learn lessons through songs, action rhymes, and related crafts. They have so much fun with these activities, and many times they remember the songs even better than their teachers do! The best part to me is seeing how the girls remember the songs and lessons even months later—and how they use it in their daily lives."

June, 3rd Year Teacher

"NRG Curriculum helps men—it helps boys. It has been a big help in my life."

Andy, 3rd Year Teacher

Church-Wide Interest and Involvement

"As we have introduced the NRG Gender-Specific Curriculum, it has generated a lot of excitement throughout the church. Many people have volunteered to help with crafts, set up, and other ways as needed. When it came time to start recruiting, people were eager to teach. We were thrilled to see the men's teaching positions fill up first."

Janet, Kids Ministry Director