Real Results

Common Results where NRG was tested:

  • FEWER—Classroom Management Issues
  • MORE—Members interested in Kids Ministry
  • MORE—Qualified men apply to teach
  • MORE—Parents report seeing their kids apply God's Word in daily life

Visible Results

"We have seen families who had stopped attending or attended only sporadically start coming regularly because their kids are so excited about the NRG Gender-Specific Curriculum."

Janet, Kids Ministry Director

"We have observed our son growing in leadership since he began participating in NRG at age five. Now, three years later, he is continuing to develop leadership, responsibility and the ability to identify when he needs to use Scripture to change his attitudes."

Lee and Leslie, Parents

"I have really enjoyed seeing the girls so excited about getting into the Scriptures. They are finding practical answers to questions girls face. And they are realizing that God has a purpose for each of them. They are taking initiative to look for ways to use their gifts and to help guests feel included."

Camille, 3rd Year Teacher

"Months after we have re-enacted a certain event in the Bible, the boys are still remembering, applying and even asking new questions about that subject."

Jeff, 2nd Year Teacher

"On Sundays I observe guests as they go into the rooms. As they enter, they are not hesitant—they are eager—because the activities appeal to them. The fact that they are entering a group of all girls or all boys seems to help them feel more at ease."

Leta, NRG Director