“In 2002 the Barna Research Group found that up to 70% of all students who regularly attend church in high school will leave the church after they leave home.”

Ken Ham, quoting The State of the Church

"During their elementary-age years, before the drift away from church begins, boys need to drop anchor with a conviction that the Bible is REAL and helps them in REAL LIFE. When boys see MEN investing time in them on Sundays, they conclude 'this is important!' And when they hear men tell how they themselves used the Scriptures being taught at work or home, the boys want to 'try this themselves'—which prompts their personal discovery that 'The Bible is NOT just TRUE, it is REAL!'"

Harold Bullock, Senior Pastor, Hope Church
Fort Worth, Texas

"We desire to plant churches that can continue to grow through the years. They will need a curriculum that really helps build up the kids—their future church leaders. That is why we are planning to use NRG—it is a purposeful approach to building a strong spiritual foundation in kids' lives."

Gary and Sue Smith, Church-Planting Missionaries

"Chico Community Church is excited about our transition to NRG Curriculum! NRG is practical and easy to use at church and at home. I think it is going to be a real help to parents, as well as to the boys and girls."

Gary Hamilton, Pastor, Chico Community Church
Chico, California

"Men want to do something that is significant—something that makes a real difference. At Hope (and at Church in the Valley in California), we have had plenty of good men volunteer to teach the NRG curriculum. They see that the curriculum helps boys apply the Bible in areas where boys need help. It helps innoculate boys against the 'failure to launch' epidemic in our culture."

Harold Bullock, Senior Pastor, Hope Church
Fort Worth, Texas