Benefits for Girls

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Girls—It's not enough to tell them what NOT to do and who NOT to imitate. We must help girls see possibilities—who they can become and how their lives can count as they follow God.

Girl with hands out

NRG gives girls real help from God's Word for issues they repeatedly face. Creative learning activities help girls

  • Discover strengths
  • Learn new skills
  • Grow in leadership
  • Gain vision for their lives

Girl Activities

Help with Relationships

"It has been fun learning what the Bible says about how to be a better friend. And, I have lots of opportunities to use this—to forgive, to encourage others and to remember not to gossip."

10-Year-Old Girl

Long-Term Benefits

"The girls have so much fun with this curriculum—yet I see they are really applying it in their lives. Since I have a daughter this age, I often have opportunities outside of church to be around the girls I taught in NRG Zone. Two years later—long after we completed the unit on what the Bible says about how to use our words—I am still seeing the girls remember to use those Scriptural principles as they choose what to say."

Camille, 3rd Year Teacher of Older Girls

Girls talking

Goals that Outclass Media Values

NRG Curriculum has been so motivational to my daughters. Goals and images presented by the media have been thoroughly outclassed by what they have seen of God's purposes for their lives.

Tonya, Mother

Learning Combined with Fun

"I remember being amazed with the 5 and 6-year-old girls as we were preparing for our Open House (when the parents come to see what the girls have learned). The girls remembered with great detail the Biblical women that we learned about and the difficult choices each woman faced. And they could quote the Scripture that went with each lesson. We had some first-time guests that day. The other girls made sure the guests were included and taught them the 'Brave Women' song and dance before the end of class."

Lyndsey, Teacher of Younger Girls