Helping Families

God desires that parents raise children who will continue to follow God throughout their lives. But how?

NRG helps parents learn simple steps to pass their faith on to their kids. A weekly newsletter, NRG at Home™ shows parents ways to make a real impact in their kids' lives. NRG:

  • Does not require parents to add more activities to family schedules.
  • Does help them see and seize opportunities to apply God's Word in daily life.
  • Helps families bond as they identify common struggles and experience how God can help.
  • Gives parents ways to encourage and have fun with their kids while challenging them to follow God.


Provides Parenting Tools

"NRG has given us helpful tools for parenting. We now have a common language to use in talking to our sons about areas where they—and we—struggle. At home we have been able to use some of the games and activities used in NRG on Sunday mornings. It is amazing to see how the kids respond so much better to fun and action than they do to lecture."

Ray and Lydia, Parents

Shows Opportunities to Connect

"My daughter and I have lots of opportunities to connect as we see how we both need God's help throughout the day. We can remind each other to remember and apply God's truth."

Lisa, Mother

Applies to Daily Life

"NRG packages Biblical principles in phrases that are easy to remember and apply. We use these almost every day ourselves and with our four sons."

Todd, Father