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Kids Ministry Directors usually juggle many responsibilities:

Recruiting volunteers—has been easier with NRG. Men and women are motivated to teach NRG curriculum because they can see the immediate and long-term value of what the boys and girls are learning. Both men and women find that classroom management is much easier with NRG.

Helping parents—With NRG at Home™ (parents' newsletter) you can know you are providing parents something very do-able. Rather than creating additional activities that parents must find time to do, NRG gives parents tools to use to communicate with their kids and help them apply the Bible in the midst of daily life.

Balancing budgets—NRG has been used effectively with both larger and smaller budgets for supplies.

Investing in kids—Where NRG Gender-Specific Curriculum has been tested, many parents and teachers say they have seen real spiritual growth in both the boys and the girls.

From Experience

"In my 19 years of kids ministry, I've never been as excited about a curriculum as I am about NRG. On any Sunday you see kids hurrying to their classrooms so they don't miss a moment. Children are focused, learning God's Word in ways that make sense to them. Parents talk about how their children are applying what they learn. To see children excited about and engaged in the Word of God makes my investment of time thoroughly worthwhile."

Janet Povero,
Kids Ministry Director
Church in the Valley
Diamond Bar, California

Real Results

Talking with your Pastor

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