NRG—First to offer churches gender-specific, value-shaping curriculum for kids

NRG provides one curriculum for boys and a different one for girls—designed for their differing needs and interests, preparing both boys and girls to courageously follow God into the future.

The NRG FIT—Focused Intentional Training

FOCUSED on the specific needs and interests of boys and girls at their specific age-levels


  • Beginning with the goal: To help church and family work together to raise up a Next Righteous Generation.
  • Asking key questions: "What do these future men and women need in order to meet the challenges ahead? What will help prepare them to make a positive impact for Christ in the world?"

TRAINING (preparing) boys and girls to actively follow God

  • Gives kids "mental hooks" that are stated simply and reviewed frequently enough to remember
  • Provides parents do-able ways to encourage application during the week

Gender-Specific Curriculum vs Co-ed Curriculum

Gender-specific interest in curriculum topicsCo-ed curriculums are limited to topics which interest both boys and girls. Gender-specific curriculums, however, offer one curriculum for girls and a different one for boys. NRG has developed a gender-specific curriculum which enables churches to focus on boys' and girls' differing interests to an extent that gives real help.

For example, two (of the twelve) units in the Girls Curriculum focus on Scriptural principles for friendships and on how to use words in conversations. Girls are not only highly interested in these topics, they are gaining tools they can use throughout their lives. And, their own goals are broadened as they discover the brave choices and lasting impact made by women in the Bible..

The Boys Curriculum does NOT include those topics—but boys have shown consistent interest as they have learned about the challenges and struggles men in the Bible faced. And as boys grow toward manhood, they will need these lessons about trusting God to help them do what is right.