Benefits for Boys

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Most curriculums (church and school) do NOT especially utilize the ways that boys learn best–but NRG does! NRG sparks boys' learning through action, repetition and topics that grab their interest.

Boy with Boxes

Challenge motivates boys. NRG activities challenge boys to learn God's Word and to apply it in daily life. The curriculum casts vision for boys to become men who courageously follow God. NRG helps boys develop leadership, perseverance, effort and trust in God. One mother told how she had seen her 6-year-old son showing leadership and responsibility at home as he tackled tough situations by saying, "We don't take the easy way!"

Boys Hurdling

Action makes it stick

"It is amazing how much the boys remember and how much they apply the Biblical principles each week. With this curriculum there are so many active ways for the boys to encounter Scripture. Action makes the verses and applications really stick."

Jeff, 2nd Year Teacher of Older Boys

Visitors see the value

"One Sunday a couple who had visited the Sunday before told me this story—They had decided not to attend that morning, but when they told their 6-year-old son, he was crushed. He pleaded to go to church—'We are going to learn about Gideon today!' They decided that if their son was that excited about what he was learning, they all needed to come to church."

Chris, 1st Year Teacher of Younger Boys


Their friends want to come

"My sons have been so motivated by NRG! Several years ago when our church first started using NRG, my boys loved practicing at home the activities used on Sundays. They liked them so much they taught them to their friends. My boys were often in the backyard with friends running and practicing NRG activities. Their friends began asking to come to church with us."

Kris, Mother

Role models help boys

"One boy who lives with his single mom was thrilled the first Sunday we started the NRG Curriculum. He was delighted to be with other boys and three men teachers. He later told his mom, 'I've been praying for some men teachers. This is something only God could do.'"

Janet, Kids Ministry Director