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What Can You Accomplish in Only One Hour?


By Deborah Bullock

Author, NRG Curriculum (View Biography)

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Given the media impact on kids today, it is crucial that churches make the one hour on Sunday mornings really count.

This has been my goal in writing the NRG curriculum— to create a way for churches to maximize their impact in kids' lives—starting with that one hour each week.

The NRG Curriculum is designed to:

  • Present God's message in a way that it actually "gets through" to both boys and girls.
  • Sharpen kids' perspective and vision for their lives
  • Lay the groundwork for shaping their values
  • Present God's truth in simple, easy-to-remember forms—easy for parents to reinforce in daily life.

A curriculum by itself can not accomplish any of these goals. However, with God's power and prayer, NRG can be an effective tool in the hands of committed teachers and parents.

About the Author

picture of author - Deborah Bullock

Deborah Bullock is the author and primary developer of NRG Gender-Specific Curriculum. Deborah's husband, Harold Bullock, is Senior Pastor of Hope Church in Fort Worth, Texas. In 1978 they started Hope to reach the unchurched, help people grow in Christ and train leaders to plant churches and other ministries. In the past 32 years, more than 100 church planters, missionaries and student workers have been trained at Hope.

Previously Deborah served as Kids Ministry Director at Hope Church for seven years, and also gave direction to the youth ministry. She has taught numerous classes on developing character and values in children.

Packaging spiritual truth in easy-to-remember forms is Deborah's forte. She is currently working on a forth-coming book Keep it Simple—Make it Stick. The book incorporates Scriptural insights and specific tools she used as her children were growing up—along with their comments on how those approaches "made it stick" in their lives.

Deborah has spoken at conferences in several states as well as in Canada and in Indonesia. A former newspaper feature writer and administrator in urban renewal, she has a B.A. from UCLA and a Masters of Divinity Degree from Southwestern Theological Seminary. Deborah and her husband Harold have been married 39 years and have three adult children—Jessica, Gina and Jon.